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"Trading Minds - Mastering The Art of Persuasion!"

Have you ever sat down, closed your eyes and really looked at yourself or your product through another persons eyes?

Have you, in your mind, literally become your customer or your lover and looked hard at yourself or your work through their eyes?

Can you do it?

I hope you can. It is one of the most powerful techniques man has ever used. Ground battles, corporate battles and the hearts of great Women have been won because of it.

When you become your customer, the secrets of how to influence them magically appear. The same thing happens when you trade minds with your wife or husband. Some of the things you see may shock and change you in ways you could not have imagined.

The man or woman who has the power to really look at their work through another persons eyes has an incredible advantage in all business and personal situations. If you find that this ability comes easy to you then by all means really do it. Sit down and do it very deeply and totally and you will be shocked at what you are able to see that you could not see any other way.

Can you look, and I mean really look, at your sales letter through your prospects eyes?

Get good at doing this and you will find 100's of ways to dramatically change both your business and personal life immediately.

Many people only ' think ' they see their product through their prospects eyes. They think that when they are looking at their sales letter or web page that they can do this. But really, they are still looking at their work filtered through their own feelings, attitudes and background. You have to remove ' you ' from the the picture entirely.

This is a deeply serious technique that, for most, require the eyes to be closed to even begin to touch its real power.

And if you think the author has somehow lost his mind, it would do you well to know many, many millionaires and billionaires have confirmed in public and in published writings the incredible power of this strategy and that they have always used it to build their wealth without fail.

I would never think of using a sales letter without first looking at it long and hard through the eyes of an average customer. Never let yourself get too close to your own work.

In order to do this right you have to completely move 'I' out of the way. You must get your own feelings, thoughts and attachments about your work out of the way so you can see it clearly and see it the way other people are seeing it.

When you do that, you will know how to write irresistible ad copy, you will know how to create web sites people instantly understand and buy from, you will know how to make yourself 100 times more attractive to your wife or husband.......and much, much more ....test it and see!

To Your Success,
Allen Says

P.S. UPDATE: I've just added 6 new books and Special Reports written by the insane Michael Ross.


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